Are you going to Friedrichshafen? We will also be there

If you are attending the Ham Radio Fair in Friedrichshaven, we will be more than happy to say hello to you at the URE booth. Your comments and opinions will be very much welcome. The organizing team will be there at your entire disposal.

If you order your hardly earned medallion or paper award before June 15th you will be able to pick it up in URE’s booth in the Ham Radio Fair. The cost of the Medallion with pickup at URE’s booth in FHN has a signidficant discount of 28% from it regular cost, leaving it to 18 euros per unit.  Make your order indicating that you want a delivery at the Ham Radio Fair and we will be very happy to deliver it at hand to you. Order and payment should be made in advance to attending to the Fair.

All medallions are a high quality crystal manufacture and will include your callsign  with the number in the ranking achieved in your DXCC and in worldwide. Orders can be made at and payment is easily made via Paypal or bank transfer at your convenience.